Monday, September 26, 2011

Turrets and my Wife

If I had turrets I would have been in big trouble today. People kept telling me or asking me things today that I had already given them or told them atleast 2 times before and I kept saying to my self in my head ... don't say what you are thinking out loud, don't say what you are thinking out loud. I would curse them out in my head or tell them what I was really thinking at the time when they were talking to me. It really did make me feel better. Today has just been one of THOSE days. Total case of the Mondays.

I am flying solo this week at home and my two year old has decided that she no longer wants to be good for ME at bedtime.. just me no one else. Of course she chose this week. Not only was I tired today from the constant negotiations with her last night but I think it's my grumpy time of the month.

Last night I had help. I would like to call her my wife. She came to our house cooked us dinner (with her own food) and cleaned up afterwards. She helped with Lexi's bath and read her stories. She was amazing and it was so nice to have her there just for the moral support. I think everyone should have a wife :)

This is going to be a FUN week - I really do look forward to my time alone with Lexi. I have planned swimming for us, some super fun crafts and a little surprise for Daddy when he gets home. I think about all of the parents that have to do this on there own - day in and day out and I thank my lucky stars that my husband is the BEST father I could ever ask for.

Love you beyond words and I thank you for making the last 4.5 years really special. Happy 2nd Anniversay!