Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Thursday's Vent:
I'm sick of people complaining about the weather. It's either too hot or too cold or too rainy . People it's summer. I do not want to hear it. If you are one of those people like me that really looks forward to summer because you are not a fan of all the layers of clothing then you best be shutting your pie hole about it being (potentially) too hot.

Some suggestions for those people get an AC, buy a fan, put your windows down when you drive your car. Whatever it takes. Unless your job requires you to be outside no matter the weather I DON'T care to hear about the heat!

I'm off to go hang outside with Lexi Bug, if I gets to hot I will turn the gardne hose on us - or jump in the neighbours pool- our fence is still down. Can you imagine him looking out his kitchen window and sees B and I skinny dipping in his pool - I mean Alexis and I splashing

Happy Thursday Everyone.
Enjoy your long weekend I will be at the cottage so I will be back on Monday :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You parent your kid I'll parent mine.

Wednesday Vent:

I'm so worked up over this I'm sorry this might be a little long.
I have been in SEVERAL situations where someone else has felt the need to parent my kid when there kid is being a brat (mostly strangers).

We are very excepting to other families rules, however they may not be our rules that we implement in our house. At our in-laws Alexis bed time is much more flexible then it is at our house. That's okay! They have limited time with her and however they can get her to fall asleep in a bed is fine with us - rocker her for an hour, whatever! Read her 15 books, whatever! Our parents are awesome with Alexis - they spoil her rotten and she loves every minute of it. That's what grandparents are for. This is when we will bent the rules.

When you don't know my kid or think it's okay to interrupt my parenting THIS is when I have a problem.

If your kid is splashing my kid at the pool and you yell at my kid to move - I just might throat punch you.

If you honk your horn at me in the parking lot because my kid lost her shoe while trying to run away and wasn't listening to me and I acknowledge the fact that the shoe is on the ground however I felt the need to teach my child a lesson (don't run around parking lots) don't honk at me again. I got it the first time.. it's just a shoe!

If you think it's okay that your kid yells in a restaurant but when my kids is imitating your kid.. don't give me a dirty look. I didn't pinch her - SHE WAS COPYING YOUR KID!

If I'm playing with my kid and ACCIDENTALLY dislocate her elbow and take her to the hospital (after crying my eyes out and calling telehealth and discussing with the ER doctors that is was clearly an accident) Don't act surprised that they did not call CAS on me. Clearly you don't know me... I'd never do it on purpose??

B and I sometimes disagree on how we should discipline Alexis but at the end of the day we can discuss our goals and actions so that we are on the same page. We live with her and know her personality. Don't think because you are in the same room as her that you get to boss her around. We knew what we signed up for when we got pregnant -we can handle it. Thanks!

My favourite quote I heard on The Mom Show was "I was a much better parent before I had kids." I have to agree with this. BK I would see a child acting up in public and say "when I have kids I will never let my kid do that... fastforward 3 years and here I am. The mom with the kid yelling at her to get down and walk on her own at the grocery store. There are certainly things that I now know and can understand better as a parent then I ever could before I having one of my own.

Happy Hump day!

Where are we going??

Tuesday's Vent:

My husband might kill me but this erked me this weekend.
We have been together for 4 (crazy) blissful years. We were married 2 years ago this September and have a beautiful baby girl.

I have the best life. I don't worry about alot of stuff because B takes care of it all. He is super supportive hardly ever complains (really!!) and loves his family more then anything. There are a couple of things that erk me about B (if I want to stay married I will keep those to my self... lol) but this weekend I found my self very frustrated - for something so ridiculous that I had to tell myself to cool down you are being CRAZY!

My hometown is London. We drive in together atleast once every 2 months. I usually drive. I take the exact same route EVERY single time we go. I like to take the "short cut" that does have a few more turns but it avoids going through 800 lights (exaggerating of course). Let me remind you it's been 4 YEARS!!!!

B drove this weekend, so when we got in to London I thought I'll just go with it and see what way he will take us to my parents house. He asked me if he should turn left... I said "take which ever way you know!" I was being a bit of a witch but I was curious, would he take my way or the long way? Really there is nothing wrong with the long way but for some reason it erked me when he chose to take it.

YES I'm being stupid and there is nothing wrong with him for doing it I just felt like "what are you doing EVERY single time I'm driving?" I then went in to the "he obviously doesn't care about me if he can't even get to me parents house?" - at this point I had to calm myself down and I decided to ask him why he always goes this way? B's response "It takes less turns and really only adds on less then 10mins to the drive - does it matter which way I take?"I guess not???!!

For some reason it still erks me??!! Nothing wrong with B - it's clearly my crazy issue!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Parental Parking Spots

This week I'm going to talk about things that "erck" me. Not so much wanting to complain but to see if you feel the same way? Or if you have any advise?

Mondays' Vent:
This weekend I took Lexi to Walmart on Saturday morning to A) Give Brian the opportunity to sleep in (WIFE of the year :) and B) pick up some much needed groceries.

When I get in the parking lot it was packed. There was a free spot for "parents with young kids" so I decide to take it. I get out of the car and go around to get Lexi and realize maybe I should grab a cart first and then I don't run in to the whole.... "no mommy I want to walk" fight! I look around for the "Grocery Cart Hut" and it's 10 cars away??!! This is my comment - what is more important to you as a parent - the fact that your parking spot is slightly closer to the front door or that you park close to the "hut" so you don't have to leave your kid in the car while you run your cart back after putting all of the groceries in the car?

1) I like the fact that they give new moms/expecting mom's the first couple of spots to park. However I think they should move the "Shopping Cart Hut" closer too!

2) At what stage are you no longer allowed using these "Parents with young kids" parking spots?

3) IF you are without your children or have no kids.... don't even think about parking in that spot. (or the handicap spot either.... I will find you and cuse you out !! Don't mess with me.)

My favourite grocery store for parking is Sobeys. They some how have figured this shit out. The parent parking is one of the closer spots to the door. The "hut" is roughly 3 cars away from the parent spot and there NEW shopping carts are super kid friendly (aka easy to do up the buckles). Now if they could just get there prices down I would be going to them all the time.

This could just be me but I feel better getting it off my chest!

Happy Monday Everyone!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Thong or Grannies???

I've been having this problem lately - I can't decided if I'm a thong girl or a granny panty girl.

See BK I hardly EVER wore full backs. Post child I hardly ever wear thongs (I'm sure B has been lovin' the past two years! ) Lately I have been going to my never fail outfit -- the SUMMER dress. I put on one piece of clothing (on top of under garments) and go. Super simple can't f' it up!! However I have this small itty bitty problem. If I wear a thong and bend over my butt likes to eat my dress. So I end up pulling at the back of my dress all day.

Today I decided to be smarter then my butt. I was going to wear granny panties that way there was no where for my dress to get caught. After about an hour at work I realized that the underwear that I chose are officially the WORST underwear I own. You barely need to move and they just start creeping. Because I'm not really a thong girl any more it takes me a couple of minutes to get use to them when I put them on. Then the rest of the day usually works out but they usually are not my first choice. These stupid things are worst then thongs. I'd rather a small piece of fabric start off where-the-sun-don't- shine verses a whole bunch of fabric that really shouldn't be there in the first place.

I guessing I'm back to square one with this whole issue. I need to find me some SUPER underwear that make everything look right, don't ride and are comfy. This could be worst then jean shopping??!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My shelf....

I'm still on my weight loss journey. I have been slacking at the gym and if I'm going to be honest I have been cheating on my NO fast food diet. I keep telling my self it's because I have been SO busy at work or because I want to spend time with my family or .... really I could make up any excuse to not get my self healthy.

Right now my biggest complaint about my self is what I like to refer to as the SHELF. BK I could pride my self on the fact that I had a pretty flat stomach. I'm almost 6 feet so when I gain weight it distributes evenly throughout my body (actually is generally goes to my chest.. great for so great for my clothes.) HOWEVER after having a child (whom I love and wouldn't trade for the flattest stomach in the world) I now have a shelf right below my chest. It starts out right below my bra line and sticks out pretty far. The reason I know this shelf is not only noticeable to me but other people is because I have been asked twice today if I was pregnant. Oh how that makes a girl feel good.

This is how I know that I need to lose weight, if one more person ask me if I'm pregnant today I might just have to start an exlax and water diet.

Funny Side Story about my Bestie:
We were going to a shower (4 years ago) and Bestie offered to pick me up. I was at my parents place so when she got there everyone came outside to say hi to her. As we started walking back to the car my dad (not the sharpest knife in the drawer) asked her when she was due (my dad knew she was pregnant because we talked about it none stop. ) Bestie looked at him thought about how to respond and said "I had the baby 3 weeks ago.... Jack Ass!!" ( I almost fell over I was laughing so hard) My dad was mortified. He said after that he would never ask another women again when she was due or if she was pregnant!
My Bestie is one of the most beautiful people I know. Her humor puts her in a league of her own. She is has radiant today as she was when I met her 12 years ago.

Rule of thumb... wait for the person to tell you they are pregnant before asking them. It will save embarrassing yourself.

To my shelf:
I love that you hold my beer when I have no where else to put it. I love that when I need to rest my arms you are there to support them. You have been very helpful during the winter months keeping me warm. Unfortunately it is about time to say good bye to you. I have lost 8 pounds since I started this whole "healthier" living thing... I will miss you dearly.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This week has been a rough week for E. She lost her Grandma and has been in Winnipeg with her loved ones, away from home, her dog and PD.

If you know me I would do anything for my friends. Even if that meant flying to Winnipeg to support them through difficult times! Unfortunately the flights were much too expensive but I really wanted to do some thing special.

Grandma R. was a true lover of life. She laughed and loved all the way into her 97th year. She was thoughtful and caring and loved her family. She was a big fan of card games, bananagrams, knitting and was a founding member of the Girl Guide programs in Winnipeg. Along with flowers I thought I would send a personal gift of Girl Guide Cookies ( I have been saving them since FEB… it has been upsetting B because he keeps trying to eat them and I keep telling him NO!) a deck of CARDS with the word BRIDGE on them and a beautiful sweater that Grandma R made for Lexi when she was born… it honestly is a family heirloom now. I wrapped them all up and sent them out FedEx to be delivered with my flowers to the flower company (Beyond Flowers).

EXCEPT – I didn’t calculate the time change and also the fact that the delivery truck for the flowers leaves earlier in the morning. I emailed my local Fedex Customer Service Rep – her name is Tammy – or as I would like to call her my little Angel. She went ABOVE AND BEYOND what I would have expected any CSR would do. She contacted Winnipeg, she arranged for it to be re-routed directly to the church so there was no middle man at no charge. She followed up with me every step of the way. She even called me when they were signed for just so I had peace-of-mind.

I’ve worked in the customer service industry for 12 years and can tell you that it takes a lot to impress me. I feel if I get exceptional service it should be recognized. Lucky for me her boss came in to our office today (he was shadowing an employee - Fluke!!) and I was telling him about my experience and I said I’ll do you one better. Give me your email address and I’ll send you a quick note on this WONDERFUL staff member. It went something like this…

“Tammy is a hardworking, dedicated and a kind employee. She made me feel like a valued FedEx customer and handled this situation like it was her own parcel being shipped. FedEx is beyond lucky to have her as part of their team.”

I find as a society we are becoming more and more negative and selfish as time goes on. People feel “entitled” to things instead of earning or working for them. I still believe – treat people how you would like to be treated. Would you like to be yelled at or snipped at or put down… then don’t do it to others. “Please”, “Thank you” and “Sorry” go along way with me.

Take the time to smile at a stranger today; it could change their entire day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

He is a 61 year old Senior.. it wasn't his fault Officer.

Ok, to say that my Dad is one of the funniest guys I know is an understatement. He has always been the life of the party and you always knew when he walked in a room because he always has some thing to say.

The way my friends use to described my dad in high school was the "white version of Uncle Phil" (from the fresh Prince of BellAir). He looks like he could be in a biker club however get him around his grand daughter and he is a BIG ol' teddy bear.

This is a typical story that would happen to ONLY my dad.

He was working in the garage, cleaning and puttering around when he heard the neighbors lawn mower stop and his name being called "Mr. Mann....... Mr. Mann" (in a low whisper). My parents neighbour is the old man from Denise the Menace, he hates my dad more then anyone in the world. Old man asks " Did you cut down my tree?" My dad was trying to think back to the last time he "trimmed" back the tree that is hang on his property???? Ah it was was 3 years ago. Nope my dad says. Then the old man started to yell at him. Well one thing led to another and the old man picked up some pine cones and started throwing them at my dad. There is a very small wooded fence that separates my parents front lawn and the neighbours. They were each standing on their own sides and my dad reaches across the fence and slaps the man...... Yep I grew up in this very loving, caring, compassionate family and my dad is the guy who (for lack of a better word) bitch slaps the neighbour. The neighbour is so pissed he calls the cops. Oh yay it gets better!!!

The Cops show up and take the old man's statement.. he is trying to file an assault charge on my dad - who has now gone back in the garage to continue puttering. When the first cop showed up he saw my dad and called in back up. After the third cop came it was time to get my dad's statement. They send in the littlest cop in to my dad's garage.

Cop: Hello Mr. Mann can you please explain why you hit your neighbour?
Dad: Well you see officer I'm a 61 year old senior and he started throwing stuff at me and I didn't know what it was? I was just defending my self.

The officer was not buying it.

Cop: He is also telling us that you have a vicious dog.
Dad: My dog is in the house right now you are more then welcome to go up to the front door and look in the window to see him.

Cop walks over to the window and walks back.

Cop: Are you trying to tell me that the "little" white dog (Jack Russell) is the dog he is complaining about?
Dad: Yep!!!

Side story- My dad and this neighbour have been fighting since the day we moved in. He just likes to complain about everything. He keeps telling my dad to stop letting the dog poop on his property. They have a really bad skunk, raccoon and rabbit problem in there neighbourhood and the chances that it is the dog are very slim??? One day my dad went out to his car and there was poop smeared all over his windshield and under the door handle to his car. The neighbour had collected it all and thrown it on my dads car. Did my dad call the police... NO! (He was more excited it gave him a good story to tell his friends. lol)

The cop asked my dad and the neighbour to shake hands and that there are better ways of defending your self them hitting.

Neither my Dad or the neighbour would shake hands. So the drama continues.....

Friday, June 17, 2011

Pretty Woman

I was channeling my inner Julia yesterday.
We have a wedding coming up next weekend and I really wanted to find a new dress. I would have taken a hand-me-down but none of my girlfriends are my size?? (note to self: lose weight so you can borrow more dresses- you will need to shrink a bit too in-order to do this).

I went to a Mall here in Burlington and decided to scope out the "expensive" store because I wanted a dress that would last me a long time. I walked in to the store and Skinny Bitch - is what I will now refer to her as - asked me if I needed help. I said yes! I told her about this wedding and what I wanted and she looked me up and down and said our sizes only go to 16??!! I was slightly shocked ... I looked her up and down and said "Perfect that is my size." I was then in one of those I'm going to fit in to one of these dresses just to prove her wrong. After trying on 3 dresses - Which all made me look like a box, Skinny Bitch told me I should be shopping at Laura (they have a PLUS section). I must have looked like I was catching flies my mouth was wide open. I walked my butt right over to Laura's. This store definitely does not need my business

I will say this, the ladies at Laura's were super helpful. When the sales lady approached me and asked if I didn't help I told her "absolutely", we will likely be on a first name basis by the end of this and Sandy was a gem. Ironically when I went in looking I knew I wanted a dress that looked like something you would wear at a Kentucky Derby (straight out of Pretty woman). I found something perfect for the wedding.

I have figured out there needs to be a store for in-between sizes. I don't fit in to 14, 16 in a regular store and 18 are usually too big. But at the plus stores 14 (the size they start at) is sometimes too small? Damn you boobs. You might be nice to look at but you are seriously hard to dress.

After purchasing my dress I wanted to so badly to walk in to the expensive store and say to Skinny Bitch (while holding up my bag) BIG mistake, HUGE - Alright well I'm off to do some more shopping but I didn't.

I still feel that Julia would have been proud of me :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011



I have always been really close with my Mom. I considered her one of my closest friends growing up. She was there every night I would come home for a party or friends house and sit down to discuss who said what and what guy I was crushing on at the time. With my mom she never gossiped or betrayed me or made me look stupid in front of a group of friends. She was my sounding board.

In my early twenties (when I still lived at home) I would come home from the bar and she would be up waiting to hear the crazy drunken stories I would share. Some times in the morning I would ask her "what happened last night" because I "may" have been too hung over to remember. My mom is the best. On some druken occasions when we couldn't get a cab I would call her and she would come pick us up. You would think this would have been short lived... NOPE! Last month while out with my husband and friends we called her (as a last resort) and she came and picked our drunk butts up from the bar. She really is the best mom in the world.

This weekend she received The Best Mom Award. She came down for the whole weekend. Some people may cring at the thought of there mom down for 2 full days. I was excited. She helped out with Lexi so we could get stuff done around the house (my gardens are thanking her too!). She did roughy 8-10 loads of laundry (I've been busy .. don't judge!) and cleaned up after dinner. On Sunday night we had tickets to go see Glee in concert so she took care of Lexi so we could go out and have a date night. When we got home I knocked on her bedroom door and went in to sit on the bed to tell her all about the concert. Just like I use to do as a kid.

This weekend made me feel young again. Remembering back in the day when you didn't have to worry about the bills, or laundry, or looking after a VERY active 2 year old, or dinners, or a clean house?? You could do whatever you wanted and that was this weekend for me.

Thank you Mom for the countless times I come talk to you about life and you just listen. You show me every day the kind of Mom I want to be for my kid(s). You were always there for our school plays or baseball games or just to hang out. Thank you for teaching me what is probably the biggest and most important job I will ever have... parenting.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm now lovin' the God.... I think?

Last Saturday was one of those impromptu days where we wanted to do yard work and clean the house and all the fun things that come with being an adult and owning a home. My mom came down this past weekend to visit with friends and see her granddaughter – really I was just glad that she would be able to help us out with Lexi ( I will post about her visit tomorrow).

My morning was busy (hair cut, grocery shopping and gym) and when I got home the wee one was sleeping. We decided we would try and go to a FUN fair at a local church that our daycare had recommended. The fair was from 3-7pm. We arrived at 4pm and upon our entry given a rubber chicken and asked to participate in an attempt to “beat a Guinness Book of World record” contest. The record was the LARGEST rubber chicken toss. Random??!! But really fun. Not really something I had on my bucket list “to break a world record” but it is now. After this we walked over to the toddler section and they had a bunch of rides that Lexi could go on.. The Dora Bouncy Castle was her first choice. We were looking around for where we could buy tickets??? There were no tickets. All of the rides/games/face painting/crafts were free!! AMAZING!! Lexi had the best time and we really enjoyed watching her play with other kids. We were all starting to get hungry so we decided to grab burgers and hot dogs here to help support the church. We got in line to get food tickets and after 3 adults and 2 children were fed (hamburger and drink) we spend $4.. Everything was $0.50??!! Unbelievable!

While walking around and playing with Lexi on all the fun blow up toys we ending up meeting so many really nice people. It made me think. Do I have to be religious to go to this church or can I just start showing up? Is it wrong to want to join a church only to increase my social life in this city with other normal and “FUN” parents? People who go to church drink right?

Basically I’m going to start putting myself out there even if that means I start Friend Pimping at the local church. God wouldn’t mind would he… I’ll confess my sins to the priest or minister or whoever the dude is that talks at the front. See you on Sunday :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bra Pocket

I can’t be the only one???

Last night I went out for drinks with friends. I got my self all dressed up (aka put makeup on) and went to leave the house and decided I did not want to change my purse over (I was wearing black shoes and a black belt- my purse was brown) enough said!! I decided I would take my credit card, id and my phone with me. I was wearing a dress that had no pockets, what would you do??? Well I did what I sometimes do when my hands are full - I stuck it in my bra. To be honest, if I hadn’t pulled out my credit car to pay, no one would have known it was there.

I have been very fortunate to have been (cursed) blessed with a large chest. I use to try and hide them as a teen, used them for evil (aka get what I want) in my twenties and they had a whole new meaning when Alexis was born. These days I never seem to have enough hands to hold my keys, purse, grocery bags, blankies, kid and the list goes on. That’s why I now use my bra as a pocket (not for blankets or grocery bags or my kid for that matter) but I can fit my cell phone, keys and credit cards all in one side. Thinking about it now I wish I could fit more like a spare diaper or my wallet. I could be hands free. If I had shorts or pants on I would use the pockets in them instead of my bra but it really is convenient.

Dragon’s Den here I come… I’m going to start marketing the Bra Pocket.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Blog Obsessed

I have to say up until a couple of days ago I had 1 follower. Yep I've written 19 blogs and ONE follower. I really don't care about this number because I now have tripled my following to 3... that's right there are some super nice woman who have added me out of what I would like to call "pity". They are hilarious bloggers. Please check some of them all out


I have to say the first time I linked my blog to facebook I was really scared. I kept thinking... my besties are amazing bloggers and I'm not as good a story teller as they are... my blog will sound so boring to people. Since this year I'm turning a new leaf I'm trying not to be afraid of things that normally terrify me I pushed the button and linked my blog... . and the feedback was great! The hardest blog for me to write so far has been - The scariest number I know... I felt like it was the most honest I have been in a long time.

The best thing about blogging is connecting with people who feel the same way you do. I have been really fortunate in my life to be blessed with the BEST girlfriends any one can ask for. They are supportive, funny, loving and most of all brutally honest. On girls weekend (a couple of weeks back) we talked about things that I feel most woman would have been too afraid to even bring up. There was no topic too out there for us not to talk about. These woman mean the world to me and the minute one of them says "I know how you are feeling", it takes some of the weight off that I tend to carry towards how I feel I "should be" as a mother, daughter, wife and even friend.

Now that I have started sharing with many more people on a whole new level I have to say it feels a lot like sharing with my girlfriends. As soon as one person say "I know how you feel", it validates you as a mother, wife and human. I would like to say Thank you to the lovely ladies that have chosen to follow me. Really if no one chose to follow me I would be okay with that too but it's nice to know that you ladies are out there.

Thank you to all of my facebook followers too. I hope you all are enjoying a little piece of my crazy world.

Friday, June 10, 2011

What time it is Mr. Wolf?

Really??!! REALLY??!! You are asking me what time it is?
I love him - he is an amazing father, beyond supportive husband and an all round great guy but sometimes our rolls get reversed and I question him??

Take last night for example. We ate dinner and put Lexi to bed then went down stairs to watch t.v. After the show was over B was ready to go to bed- I was not! So I went to watch some of my t.v. because I was still wide awake. I said I’ll be up in a bit. When it was time to go to bed I went upstairs… not so quietly… and got ready and climbed in to bed. I’m getting the covers on and B asks what time is it?? I say “ I think it’s close to 11:30pm???” – yes folks 11:30pm. I was living on the wild side last night. It really is the only ME time I get all day and last night I wanted it to last. However when I got to bed I was bombarded with questions... “I thought you said you would be up in a bit??” For a minute I thought I was the one who was talking….. I use to say this to B when he would come to bed at 1am or 2am. Why all of the sudden am I getting this talk? Then he asks "what were you doing?" I'm thinking to my self - Why does it matter what I was doing? I was watching quality television… or So You Think You can dance?? Same thing... right??!! I am now confused?? Why am I getting the third degree? To smooth things over I said 'Hey Hun are you tired??!! (wink, wink)" He said YES and rolled over. Wait a minute this is usually my roll in this relationship? When did the tables turn?
I use to go to bed at 9:30 -10pm and he use to stay up playing video games until 1 or 2 in the morning. Why is it that I can't watch some meaningless t.v for an hour come to bed, spend some "quality time" with my husband and go to sleep. Is this too much to ask for?

SIDE NOTE: My husband is a truly wonderful man and I probably did something to piss him off so I’m sorry for whatever I may or may not have done. See you tonight same place different time.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Can you be cool in a Swagger Wagan???

I honestly was not one of those people that were dreading getting a Minivan. I felt they are practical, great for camping and accommodate many people. No big deal… I did however feel less cool in my minivan. Now that I’m getting older I’m not really turning heads anymore. A girl likes to feel good if she has put some effort into her appearance (most days I don’t do anything so I don’t really care) but now with my minivan - no one is even giving me the time of day.

So the other day I had to work late and didn’t finish until 10pm. I got in my car just excited to be out of the office. I started driving home and noticed these two guys in a sedan looking at me. I was thinking “WOW I dressed up today, brushed my hair and put on makeup… good day!! They might be checking me out??” This went on for 2 blocks. We were coming up to a stop light and there was a car in front of me but not in front of them. They stopped well before the line and I ended up driving beside them. I stopped and started playing with my radio pretending not to notice that they were looking in my direction. The passenger motioned to put down my window, so being the smooth operator that I am I pushed the button, smiled and said yes! The driver leaned over the passenger and said… “You need to turn your lights on!”. Wait… did I just hear him correctly??? my lights are on??? I check.. nope they weren't on. I was slightly embarrassed so I quickly said thank you and turned my lights on and drove away as fast as I could.

There were so many things that were going through my head… I should have told them it was a new car and I’m still trying to figure out all the buttons?? Why did I care that these two middle aged guys were “potentially” checking me out? Why do I even care if someone in general would or wouldn’t check me out? My husband still finds me attractive so do I really care what other people think? The honest answer to this question is yes! Whether it is other mom’s at the grocery store or a random stranger in there car driving beside me - if I have done myself up that day I would hope that someone would notice (especially my husband) because really I could wear my sweat pants, tank top, flip flops, throw my hair in a pony tail and wear no makeup all day long if I didn't have to work.

Heres hoping someone notices you today!