Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm now lovin' the God.... I think?

Last Saturday was one of those impromptu days where we wanted to do yard work and clean the house and all the fun things that come with being an adult and owning a home. My mom came down this past weekend to visit with friends and see her granddaughter – really I was just glad that she would be able to help us out with Lexi ( I will post about her visit tomorrow).

My morning was busy (hair cut, grocery shopping and gym) and when I got home the wee one was sleeping. We decided we would try and go to a FUN fair at a local church that our daycare had recommended. The fair was from 3-7pm. We arrived at 4pm and upon our entry given a rubber chicken and asked to participate in an attempt to “beat a Guinness Book of World record” contest. The record was the LARGEST rubber chicken toss. Random??!! But really fun. Not really something I had on my bucket list “to break a world record” but it is now. After this we walked over to the toddler section and they had a bunch of rides that Lexi could go on.. The Dora Bouncy Castle was her first choice. We were looking around for where we could buy tickets??? There were no tickets. All of the rides/games/face painting/crafts were free!! AMAZING!! Lexi had the best time and we really enjoyed watching her play with other kids. We were all starting to get hungry so we decided to grab burgers and hot dogs here to help support the church. We got in line to get food tickets and after 3 adults and 2 children were fed (hamburger and drink) we spend $4.. Everything was $0.50??!! Unbelievable!

While walking around and playing with Lexi on all the fun blow up toys we ending up meeting so many really nice people. It made me think. Do I have to be religious to go to this church or can I just start showing up? Is it wrong to want to join a church only to increase my social life in this city with other normal and “FUN” parents? People who go to church drink right?

Basically I’m going to start putting myself out there even if that means I start Friend Pimping at the local church. God wouldn’t mind would he… I’ll confess my sins to the priest or minister or whoever the dude is that talks at the front. See you on Sunday :)

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  1. if the building doesn't fall down when you walk in you should be fine. But watch those god peeps they can be a bit how you say krazzzzy!!!