Thursday, June 16, 2011



I have always been really close with my Mom. I considered her one of my closest friends growing up. She was there every night I would come home for a party or friends house and sit down to discuss who said what and what guy I was crushing on at the time. With my mom she never gossiped or betrayed me or made me look stupid in front of a group of friends. She was my sounding board.

In my early twenties (when I still lived at home) I would come home from the bar and she would be up waiting to hear the crazy drunken stories I would share. Some times in the morning I would ask her "what happened last night" because I "may" have been too hung over to remember. My mom is the best. On some druken occasions when we couldn't get a cab I would call her and she would come pick us up. You would think this would have been short lived... NOPE! Last month while out with my husband and friends we called her (as a last resort) and she came and picked our drunk butts up from the bar. She really is the best mom in the world.

This weekend she received The Best Mom Award. She came down for the whole weekend. Some people may cring at the thought of there mom down for 2 full days. I was excited. She helped out with Lexi so we could get stuff done around the house (my gardens are thanking her too!). She did roughy 8-10 loads of laundry (I've been busy .. don't judge!) and cleaned up after dinner. On Sunday night we had tickets to go see Glee in concert so she took care of Lexi so we could go out and have a date night. When we got home I knocked on her bedroom door and went in to sit on the bed to tell her all about the concert. Just like I use to do as a kid.

This weekend made me feel young again. Remembering back in the day when you didn't have to worry about the bills, or laundry, or looking after a VERY active 2 year old, or dinners, or a clean house?? You could do whatever you wanted and that was this weekend for me.

Thank you Mom for the countless times I come talk to you about life and you just listen. You show me every day the kind of Mom I want to be for my kid(s). You were always there for our school plays or baseball games or just to hang out. Thank you for teaching me what is probably the biggest and most important job I will ever have... parenting.


  1. Thank you Sherri for all those drunkin pickups, for putting up with my loud voice, my crazy ass kids and my homerun hubby and our stories that may have been not the best "MOM" stories.. ha ha :) LOVE YOU xoxoxo

  2. Awww -love it! My Grandma was my DD - I called her once at 3am....she hopped in the car and rescued me!

  3. Aww... I hope your mom reads this!!
    Isn't it awesome to have a great mom and a "friend" that you know always has your back? I'm sure you're just as awesome as a mommy and your daughter will be writing something like this to you one day!!!
    Nic's comment is so funny... I've never met her yet I totally would have guessed that she has a loud voice!!! :)