Monday, June 13, 2011

Blog Obsessed

I have to say up until a couple of days ago I had 1 follower. Yep I've written 19 blogs and ONE follower. I really don't care about this number because I now have tripled my following to 3... that's right there are some super nice woman who have added me out of what I would like to call "pity". They are hilarious bloggers. Please check some of them all out


I have to say the first time I linked my blog to facebook I was really scared. I kept thinking... my besties are amazing bloggers and I'm not as good a story teller as they are... my blog will sound so boring to people. Since this year I'm turning a new leaf I'm trying not to be afraid of things that normally terrify me I pushed the button and linked my blog... . and the feedback was great! The hardest blog for me to write so far has been - The scariest number I know... I felt like it was the most honest I have been in a long time.

The best thing about blogging is connecting with people who feel the same way you do. I have been really fortunate in my life to be blessed with the BEST girlfriends any one can ask for. They are supportive, funny, loving and most of all brutally honest. On girls weekend (a couple of weeks back) we talked about things that I feel most woman would have been too afraid to even bring up. There was no topic too out there for us not to talk about. These woman mean the world to me and the minute one of them says "I know how you are feeling", it takes some of the weight off that I tend to carry towards how I feel I "should be" as a mother, daughter, wife and even friend.

Now that I have started sharing with many more people on a whole new level I have to say it feels a lot like sharing with my girlfriends. As soon as one person say "I know how you feel", it validates you as a mother, wife and human. I would like to say Thank you to the lovely ladies that have chosen to follow me. Really if no one chose to follow me I would be okay with that too but it's nice to know that you ladies are out there.

Thank you to all of my facebook followers too. I hope you all are enjoying a little piece of my crazy world.


  1. Great post! And it's so fun that you have new followers! I really liked the "Scariest Number" is scary to put it all out there...what if you can't take it all back again!

  2. i have to say that i am pissed.. yeah that is right .. i liked being the only follower, you were my own personal posting board :) ha ha.. KIDDING

    Love you tons xoxo