Friday, June 10, 2011

What time it is Mr. Wolf?

Really??!! REALLY??!! You are asking me what time it is?
I love him - he is an amazing father, beyond supportive husband and an all round great guy but sometimes our rolls get reversed and I question him??

Take last night for example. We ate dinner and put Lexi to bed then went down stairs to watch t.v. After the show was over B was ready to go to bed- I was not! So I went to watch some of my t.v. because I was still wide awake. I said I’ll be up in a bit. When it was time to go to bed I went upstairs… not so quietly… and got ready and climbed in to bed. I’m getting the covers on and B asks what time is it?? I say “ I think it’s close to 11:30pm???” – yes folks 11:30pm. I was living on the wild side last night. It really is the only ME time I get all day and last night I wanted it to last. However when I got to bed I was bombarded with questions... “I thought you said you would be up in a bit??” For a minute I thought I was the one who was talking….. I use to say this to B when he would come to bed at 1am or 2am. Why all of the sudden am I getting this talk? Then he asks "what were you doing?" I'm thinking to my self - Why does it matter what I was doing? I was watching quality television… or So You Think You can dance?? Same thing... right??!! I am now confused?? Why am I getting the third degree? To smooth things over I said 'Hey Hun are you tired??!! (wink, wink)" He said YES and rolled over. Wait a minute this is usually my roll in this relationship? When did the tables turn?
I use to go to bed at 9:30 -10pm and he use to stay up playing video games until 1 or 2 in the morning. Why is it that I can't watch some meaningless t.v for an hour come to bed, spend some "quality time" with my husband and go to sleep. Is this too much to ask for?

SIDE NOTE: My husband is a truly wonderful man and I probably did something to piss him off so I’m sorry for whatever I may or may not have done. See you tonight same place different time.


  1. well when you come to bed doing a hip hop routine he is gonna get gangsta on your ass my friend.

    ha ha Oh B-dog chill you will get it tonight.. That is why he was mad.. only reason any guy gets pissed if you don't come up right away.. missin the action!

  2. Hi there! Found you on the Not So Silent Mommy blog and I must say that I could not help but follow. I was a fledgling blog not so long ago and I am happy to follow you. Loved your post because it was real and it is what happens in normal excitable marriages. Cheers to you and your blog!