Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lexi's little friend .. dare I say boyfriend?

A couple of weekends ago we hung out with a bunch a good friends and ours and The T's were there.

There little man is so stickin cute that we have already arranged their wedding and P and I have already coordinated what colours we are going to wear.

T1 is a very handsome little man and he and Lexi get along very well. What I mean by that is Lexi likes to tell boys what to do and T1 seems to take direction very well.

After you catch me can you please go tell everyone to start being quiet we are going to bed soon!

"Excuse me ~ May I have your Attention Please!!! EXCUSE ME!!!
Is this thing even on?

Great! now come in side.

"OH T1 you are so funny!"

Let's lay down!

" Holy Smokes Batman.. I think that Girl just had a # 2... I'm out of here!"

"oh Wait... my mom can change me... I'll be good as new in 2 mins."

I can only imagine the amount of pictures we will have to go through to figure out what to put in the wedding slide show.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sarnia Beyfest 2011... and momma brought home a guitar

** Not so Silent Mommy ~ Sarah, If I knew you were going to be there I would have totally tried to hook up with you. Glad you had Fun **

This weekend almost didn't happen for me. My Aunt has asked us a couple of times to go to events with her and unfortunately it has never worked??? Except for this year!

She has "friends" on the inside (as I like to call it) and she scores VIP tickets every year for Bayfest. The first year I was invited I had to reluctantly decline because I had a baby the day before it started. (I guess this was a valid excuse??)

Then last year we had a 1st birthday party and really I couldn't miss that??? (Eventhough I had to really think about it.) So this year I was going even if I had to change my own daughters birthday to make it happen. That's right this mommy is SOOOOO in LOVE with Lady Antebellum that I was considering moving her birthday weekend all together. Instead I decided to do what all crazy mom's do - IT ALL!!!

I don't usually work Friday's so that was my day to cook, make Cupcakes and hang out at the splash pad with Lexi and her whole Daycare.

Then up early Saturday to spend some quality time with my little girl (who is not so little any more :( Then I had to drive from TO to London (pick up the fam) and then off to Sarnia. This is what was waiting for me....

The next little bit will be told via photo montage.

Did I mention that my Aunt gets us front row seats and in before anyone else. LOVE you Aunt D!

Front Row - Thank you very Much!

This was everyone behind us.

Opening Act - Local band and seriously entertaining. His moves were straight out of an Elvis concert. Those hips don't lie! He said he would give away his guitar to the loudest fan... really the only person who could have taken this from me was Nicole and thankfully she was not there :)

Thats's right folks I came home with a John Deer guitar.

Aaron Prichett - Beautiful to look at but a COMPLETE camera whore. Not my fav!!

The reason I wanted to go..... LADY A!!!

They were doing covers of other songs....

This next video is poor because I took so many pictures my camera was dying and the battery actually ran out on my at the end here.

(Side Note: The Video's are shaky because I was deathly afraid that I was going to get my camera taken away. Eventhough I had slept with the Bouncer in a previous life... or this one... roughly 6 years ago...or not? I can't remember his name? My previous life is still a little fuzzy to me ~ That could be a whole other blog post....lol)

The drive home afterwards could not have been done without my superstar sister (we got in to TO at 2am) and the birthday that day was a success.

Unless Shania Twain is performing next year with Garth Brooks I might have just gone to my one and only Bayfest. But never say never.....

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Please OH Please GO TO SLEEP!!

Since day one Lexi has been a - how do I say this... a difficult sleeper.

She never napped more then 20-30 mins from 3 months to roughly 7 months. Bed time was a whole different ball game. We have tried everything from the "Baby Whisperer" to rocking her to sleep, different types of music, books... whatever you can think of we did it. One thing we were always firm on is that her bed time routine with one parent has to be exactly the same with the other. Bath, Book and then Bed.

I come from the school of letting her cry it out. (Before you judge - hear me out!)

When she was really young we had a counting system. After 1 min of crying you would go check on her, after 2 mins of crying you would go check on her, after 4 mins of crying you would go check on her.... then 8mins, then 16 mins, then 32... this progressed into this snowball counting thing. Only one time did it go to 32mins. We graduated to 5, 10, 20.. and usually by 10-15 mins she would be out. However every night she would cry.
Some nights were more challenging then others. If she wanted to have a toy in her bed, we let her. Once she was sleeping we would go in and move the toy. If she wanted to wear a tutu to bed - no problem. We would go in and remove it after she had fallen asleep.

We do not do this every night but sometimes you just have to choose your battles.

She is now 2 - she nows that there is nothing bad that is going to happen to her in her room. She does not cry ever night. Generally by 8 - 8:30 she is sleeping (or talking to her friends in her bed).

Last night was a regular night for us. She had her bath, we read books and I put her to bed. She did her normal... Mommy don't go routine but I just said (what I always say when I leave her room) Mommy loves and I'm just going down stairs. Good Night! She screamed at me but that is pretty normal. I shut the door and she can't get out (door knob contraption that I can barely use.)

About 30mins later I went to check on her - still awake in her bed. I go back down stairs and come back up another 30mins later. This is what I found.......

Well she is sleeping??? Just in a standing/leaning positions. bhahahaha
Oh wait is gets better.....

Not only did she fall asleep standing up... she was reading Harry Potter... Omg this kid cracks me up!

Each family is going to do this differently. What works for one family might not work for another (I've also heard the same for multiple children.) For our family - I'm okay letting her cry it out. Once she goes to sleep she stays asleep until the morning. She is a good kid and really that is all that we can ask for.

Good Night everyone - may your night be peaceful and full of sleep :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

7 things you might not now about me.

I thought I would change it up a bit and send out some points that you may not know about me. There are many isms that I have but here are a few.

1) I don't finish all of my prescriptions. Once the symptoms are gone I stop... bad I know.

2) Toilet paper has to roll over not under.. and I may change it when I come to your house if it is the opposite way :)

3) I'm really good with power tools. Grew up watching my dad fixing and create amazing pieces of furniture out of wood.

4) I have a love/hate relationship with Jared the Subway cat. If you have never been to my house you would never know there was a cat living there. I still call it Brian's cat (4 years later).

5) One of my most embarrassing moments happened in an email to Brian (my boss) not my Husband... however I didn't realize I had made a mistake until we had talked back and forth 2 or 3 times... What was even worst I spelt his name wrong when I sent it - It started off Hi Brain! Ackward!

6) I HATE belly buttons. For real can't stand them, especially outties - sorry if you have one..just not a fan. Even worst if you are pregnant and it comes out... omg this actual almost made me hurl typing it.

7) It bothers me that B takes our good cutlery in his lunch to work. I've gone from 12 large forks to 9??? He says it was not him but I don't take them to work with me??? So it must be the dishwasher?!

I'm not sure why B chose to marry me but man he puts up with alot :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My last Oprah

Wednesday Vent:
Can I be pissed at Oprah? Is this allowed? I feel like if she could have just pulled a Bob Barker or Regis Philbin. I would be happier as a person.

Yay great you have your "OWN" network. Thanks for reminding me every single time I watch any NEW episodes. Thanks for only having 2 interesting shows to watch on your new network (In the bedroom with Laura Burman - there are crazy f'ed up people in the world worst then ME! and The Judes - LOVE these two ladies).

What I won't miss about Oprah (B would say everything right now... he wouldn't even let me have it on in the same room as him. He's clearly the drama queen in our family...lol) was her knack for repeating everything someone said like it was the MOST interesting thing anyone has ever said in there life. That drove me crazy. I also hated - what I felt was her phoniness towards certain people.

Today marked the last day i will ever watch a NEW Oprah. Sure there are episodes out there that I have not seen but after the "behind the scenes" (oh yeah I watch that too.) I will be done with The Oprah Winfrey show.

There are lots of things that I love about Oprah. She really does pull at your "heartstrings" she has been a great resource for books when I'm stuck and don't know what to read? I have laughed so hard at some of her guests. Her shows are amazing topic started with friends and in my case, strangers.

There seems like there is so much negativity in our world right now and for me Oprah's show was a way to feel worthy, like I can make a difference and maybe even help brighten or change someone's life.

One of my favourite episodes was about Motherhood and there was a woman on the show who had a blog and she was seriously FUNNY! She talked candidly about her struggles with being a new mom and trying to be a "good" wife and that not every day was a good day. This opened up the doors for woman to talk openly about the struggles in our everyday life, let your guard down and tell the truth is healthy and natural. True friends won't judge you they will support you and some times tell you - they feel the same way.

Oprah.. thank you for 25 wonderful years but I'm pissed you are no longer going to be on the air. I plan on having more children and now you will not be there every day to give me that ONE hour of solitude that I long for in my day.

I hope your billion dollar empire continues to be successful because my dollar empire over here is not looking too good!