Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Girls CONCLUSION : The luckiest girl in the world

I want to thank my girls for letting my share with everyone why you are all so special to me.

The hardest part of our friendships is the distance between us. I know you are all just a phone call away but some times it is very lonely out here. For me our get together's are a way to feel like me again. Not mommy, or wife or employee but Keri-Lyn.

I started this blog at the beginning of the year so that I could try and find that happy place again (and i HATE writing so this was me over coming a fear). I guess I defined my younger self as a skinny, volleyball playing girl who talked to everyone and had this amazing out look on life. That girl is still in here just in a different mold and a little less of a filter. (I have a tendency to say what is on my mind even when it is not always wanted.) There are no secrets in my life. I live it like an open book. I want to share with people my triumphs and am grateful to have those same people there when I fall, helping me back up.

There are a couple of things that I know for sure in this world.
FAMILY & FRIENDS will always come first (and always have!).
I will go that extra mile for someone every time because at the end of the day I hope they would do the same for me.
Find JOY in the journey! We only ever to get to live this life once. Why waste it?
Being sad is a part of our lives ~ just don't let it consume you.
Mothers have an ever lasting effect on us and I strive everyday to be the best mom I can be (I don't always succeed but tomorrow is a new day and I will try again ;)
No one is PERFECT so except people for who they are OR move on.

You can tell alot about a person by the friends they have. I couldn't imagine not having the girlfriends that I do in my life (that includes the ones that were not mentioned on this blog... ) There is a bond that two woman share that is so sacred and only they can be the ones to change it.

Don't think that someone knows how you truly feel about them... tell them. We only become better people by hearing we matter in this world. I encourage you to make someone feel like they matter today! Don't wait for a birthday or a holiday... pick a random day and make it special! You will be surprised at how good it will make you feel :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

My Girls PART 7: The GLUE

I'm not really sure where to start. I feel like I need to explain me a bit before I tell you about the most amazing woman/person I know.

I was a floater in high school. I could hang out with almost anyone but I never really felt like I had a HOME with any one particular group. Don't get my wrong I had some really amazing friends in High School some of those people I still talk to today. I somehow still always felt a little lost. I started working at a local restaurant and for me that is when I got to experience friendship like I have never known. I was introduced to my BEST FRIEND. Really it doesn't matter where you find that person but that you find a connection that bonds you for life and you know there is no looking back.

At first what attracted me to her was her ability to capture the attention of an entire room just by her presence. She is a petit girl but has an amazing ora about her that people are drawn to. If you have ever met Nicole you know that just by talking to her for a split second you have met someone really special. She can make conversation with anyone. If you thought you were someone who doesn't open up to people, there is no doubt you will tell her all of your secrets. She genuinely cares about what is going on in your life and will give you sound advice if you need it. I had never met anyone like her. It doesn't matter where you come from or how old or young you are she will make you feel like you matter.

In my eyes Nicole always had her priorities in check - Family and friends are most important and nothing has changed in 12 years. She has taught me so much.

Here are just a few of those life lessons:

The Universe works in mysterious ways. What you put out in to the world you will get back. Open a door for someone, smile at a stranger or pay for the coffee for the person behind you in line and it will come back to you ten fold. I have witnessed this on countless occasions while with her.

Nicole once told me "What will you remember 10 years from now - that day at work you weren't allowed to miss - or that funeral for so and so??" I have applied that to so many things in my life. What will I cherish and remember the most? The places I have gone or the people I have touched? (I will choose people every time!!)

I have never met a more honest and natural mother. To watch her with her kids is like watching a really good family comedy. There is so much love and humor that goes on in that house. I learn new and creative ways to teach my child on how to be an exceptional person by watching and listening to her with her kids. When I see Toad kissing and hugging his baby sister with so much love and pride, it melts my heart. That is a true reflection of how his parents have taught him to treat others. He shows this same love to all of our kids.

I love that there is no sugar coating in our relationship you tell it like it is and then we move on. I can call her and talk to her about anything with no judgement or ridicule. It is truly rare to find that kind of person. We laugh together, cry together, drink together and dance together. I have a bond with her for life.

One of Nicole's favourite quotes is "be the change you want to see in the world" she lives everyday with that on her mind and in her heart. In our world it is really hard for people to find the positive in anything. We live in a fast passed, electronic and non verbal (face to face conversation) generation. Nicole has been able to integrate all of those things and still finds time to call and see the people she loves. I have to say I learn everyday how to be a great friend, mother and wife by her example.

Our friendships are linked by one amazing human connection and that person is Nicole. We may have never maintained the relationships that we all have if it weren't for Nicole that is why I call her ~ the glue.

Words to describe Nicole are hysterical, great story teller, generous, loving, honest, playful, adventurous and a humanitarian. She will find the good in anyone. I mentioned that Pauline is an Angel on earth and I feel the same about you. Grateful doesn't even begin to describe what it means to have you in my life. I have so much love in my heart for you and your entire family that it makes me want to cry just thinking about it. Thank you is not big enough!! The only words that I know that are bigger then that are I LOVE YOU!

The word that I love to use the most to describe Nicole is FAMILY. I can not imagine my life without her in it. She brings me so much joy, encouragement and makes me want to be a better person every day.

Thanks for being my Oprah!!

My Girls PART 6: The Potty Mouth

Kathy and I go way back. I was 19 and she was roughly 21 when we first started hanging out ;) We started working together at a restaurant and that is where my life would be forever changed. We have gone through lots together. I never met someone who loves to laugh as much as this girl. It is infectious. I can't wait to hear her stories and look forward to the times we get to hang out.

Kathy in my eyes has a beautiful light around her. She is gorgeous, smart and insanely creative. Although she will never admit it she is one of the most talented and humble people I know. What I love the most about Kathy is her spirit. You see it when she is around her family, friends and husband. She would do anything for anyone of them and they would do the same for her.

We all face obstacles in our life and it is how we handle those difficult times that tell you the most about someone. Kathy what I know about you is that you are passionate, caring, optimistic and above all a great friend.

We may not get to see each other as much as we would like but when I do get to talk to you you always manage to bring clarity, wisdom, compassion and laughter to my world. Even if you have to RAISE YOUR VOICE WHEN YOU GET EXCITED SO THAT I HEAR YOU... lol I always look forward to our conversations.

Kathy remember every day you are blessed with an amazing husband, a fantastic family (Tina I adore you) and the best friends in the world. We all love you to pieces and know that a cold beer is never that far away :)