Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Girls Part 1: Warm Fuzzy's

I'm killing my self laughing over here because I have just come across an old box. When I opened it heaps of papers fell out. I started looking through them and realized they are from high school. I can't believe that I have kept them for all of these years. Some are from my high school girlfriends who would pass notes back and forth between classes. They are of course folded in to cute little shapes and have drawings all over them. However the ones that I loved reading were the letters that I got while at leadership camps (ie. D.A.R.E) other campers would write you a WARM FUZZY that consisted of things that they felt were great about you. Even-though one of them says "you have a great ass" the rest of them were amazing to read. They are inspiring and something that I think we as a society neglect to say to people all the time - How great they truly are!!

This week I dedicate my blog to my Thursday night girls.
Here is a little warm fuzzy for you.

Krista: The Dreamer
Kathy: The Potty Mouth
Pauline: Makes you Laugh until your Belly Hurts
Amanda: Superwoman
Emma: The Diva
Nicole: The GLUE
Me: The Luckiest girl in the world

Each day I will post a little something about each one of these amazing girls and hope that you will see why I'm truly the luckiest girl in the world.

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