Saturday, May 28, 2011

My bladder ain't what it use to be....

I find myself talking lot about before kids (bk).
- bk there were mornings we could sleep in
- bk I had a flatter stomach
- bk I could be out the door (shower & breakfast included) in 20 mins
- bk we would stay up all night "talking"
- bk I had a "fish" crumb free car
- bk our house was much quieter and cleaner

Before kids I could hold my bladder (not much better but better). We owned a trampoline growing up and had many a fun nights jumping and flipping around. We use to stick the sprinkler under the trampoline and jump in the water on a hot day. When I got older if someone would get me laughing on the trampoline I was a goner. I've peed myself more then once on that old death trap. Sorry if that trampoline was a memory for you... I might have just ruined it??

This week at work we had to set up a VERY safe trampoline in our warehouse (for a toy show coming up) I thought to my self - that looks like it would be fun, it would bring me back to my child hood. I decided to be brave and give it a go. Well let's just say I'm not 17 any more BUT I was pretty impressed that I still had it :) Except I forgot one small detail - I've had a kid since the last time I was on a trampoline. For any Mom's out there that can relate to this story let's just say I barely got out in time. Could have been MUCH worse.

Then last night I went to the movies with my sister and Maloley. We decided to see Bridesmaid. I have heard great things about this movie and was excited to check it out. We had to stand in a line because the first show was sold out ;( This was the only option, my premeditated kid free time was not going to be wasted. I drank a lot of Pop while waiting in line and thought I should really go to the bathroom??!! Guess who didn't -- ME! The movie starts and I am already laughing really hard... I'm thinking to myself I should really try to go to the washroom now... oh wait this part is funny... how about now???.. oh this part is so sweet... how about now??... ohhhhhh no!!! This is not good... I'm laughing so hard I had to cross my legs, shift myself in my chair and pray to the bladder gods that some where down there a muscle still works. I did NOT wet my self but I can honestly say the next time I watch that movie I might just have to where depends (or stop and go to the bathroom??)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I did not marry a Nacho, Nacho Man

Everyone has a go to dish. You know the one I'm talking about - that meal that takes little time and cleans out your fridge when you think you have nothing in there.
I have a couple of go to dishes.

1st Scrambled Eggs and Toast.
2nd Spaghetti.
3rd Home made pizza.
4th Perogges.
5th Chicken and rice.

I can honestly eat any one of these meals on any given night. However I use to have another go to meal that use to be on this list. It was Nachos. Growing up we ate alot of chicken and potatoes. But every now and again my Dad (who is the cook in our family) would throw down some tin foil on a cookie sheet and start what can be labeled as "a mountain and goodness". Layers of nacho chips, cheese, peppers, onions, ground beef and more cheese. It is likely one of the most unhealthy meals in my arsenal but it really doesn't matter... my husband does not like nachos.. .so guess who doesn't get to eat Nachos very often. ME!!!

I started this blog for many reason one was to share what we eat as a family but also to find out what other people eat. I would love to hear what your go to meal is so that maybe I can increase my repertoire.

Playground initiation

This past weekend was beautiful outside. We got to visit with family and friends and put up a new swing set in the backyard. We have yet to mow the backyard so there were still a couple of trips to the BIG park as Lexi likes to call it.

As parents you try and protect our kids the best we can, we pick them up when they fall down. We kiss there boo boo's. We hug them when they are sick BUT sometimes you just have to let them figure it out on there own.

This weekend we learnt that all new kids get to go through an initiation process at our park. Picture this - Dad puts there precious kid into a swing he starts pushing, slowly getting the child in to a good rhythm when out of no where a kidlet comes running across the playground to get the free swing beside him and *smack* the kidlet goes flying. The first time this happened the Mom went rushing over to the kid and was upset at the dad for not being more careful with her precious child. I turned to the dad and said - Playground initiation. Not even 5 mins later a new kid gets to the park starts running towards the swings and *smack* gets hit by the swing... he is slightly surprised but you could tell this kid is a vetern to this parks he was on a mission and wanted the free swing. I turned to see the mom's reaction and she was like - He's still standing so we are good. I knew I was going to like this mom :)

Lexi experienced this for her self. She really wanted to push her friend Nayla on the swing but did not realize that once you push you need to move back.. her pour little arms weren't long enough so she took a step in and *whack* she got a swing in the face. I asked if she was okay and she said - in a low voice.... Mommy (is it) my turn? One of these days she'll get the hang of it.

Every kid has to learn to watch where they are going and know if the swings are a rocking... don't... RUN IN FRONT OF THEM!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Let's work it out...

I have so many comments about gym memberships that I could talk about them all day. To save you all I have summarized them for you.
1) Woman who wear sport bras only. I found a shirt that fit me so put the one on that you brought because this mommy tummy is about to trip you on the treadmill.
2) The RIDICULOUS cost. Really how many times do you actually go to the gym vs. how much you spend. I use to get all excited and buy a full year membership to save on cost and go for only a week or two? WASTE OF MONEY.
3) Classes that NEVER work for my schedule. I have a job and a kid... really 7pm does not fit in my schedule :(
4) TOO many naked woman in the change room - and they are never the fit ones. Really you had to blow dry your hair before you put clothes on? Put your boobs away and cover your crack because I can barely look at my own let alone yours :)
5) MEAT HEADS - Yes! you might be able to bench press me - but if I were to stand behind you and asked you to turn your head to see me I bet you couldn't?
6) too many people in one place judging me... well that's what I tell myself when I walk in.

To conclude my little rant I got a gym membership at a 24hr facility.
1) No mid drifts allowed to be shown ... actual Rule!
2) Still pricy but I can pay month to month with no penalty for canceling.
3) Virtual Studio. You walk up to the Workout ATM (as I like to call it) you pick your work out - I usually chose YOGA and a massive screen drops down and my instructor is right there at the time I want her to be (I like to go after 9pm).
4) Private bathrooms - you get your own shower, sink and toilet in an actual bathroom.
5) The members are average people, I have yet to see one guy sitting on a bench checking himself in the mirror while holding a weight that looks way too heavy for him.
6) During the times that I go there have never been more then 6 people in the gym at a time.

I'm trying to be as diligent as possible with going - I have to make this my life style or I will not be able to live the life I want: healthy, fit and present for my daughter, husband, family and friends.

My journey continues.....

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Memory Bank #1

I was really looking forward to this weekend. I love entertaining. Really I just love when I get to spend time with loved ones.

Saturday afternoon of the long weekend:
We have gone to visit Aunt Sandra and Uncle Scott and we are home now. I'm getting dinner ready, standing at the sink and looking out in the backyard. I'm watching my Husband and Father work away on the deck with a beer in their hands talking about how they should proceed to the next project. In the living room my mom and my daughter are killing them selves laughing at what I'm sure is something silly Lexi is doing or saying. This warms my heart and fills my house with some much love.

I kept thinking this is a moment I want to remember.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Long Weekend....

This is the actual email I sent to Brian today (actually it was longer but I edited it for your sake):

Plans this weekend:
Friday Night: Swimming/Groceries
Dinner: Spaghetti
Saturday Morning: Pick up NEW car/Parents Arrive
Breakfast: Eggs/English Muffins
Saturday Afternoon: Go visit Uncle Scott and Aunt Sandra
Lunch: Left over Spaghetti
Saturday Night : Dinner and relax
Dinner: Burgers on the BBQ
Sunday Morning: Brunch with the Aunts
Brunch: Waffles and fruit
Sunday Afternoon: Set Up Swing Set (for Monday)
Snacks – veggies, chips and dip
Sunday Evening: Relax
Dinner: Pizza
Monday Morning: Nayla and Family come for a visit.
Breakfast: Cereal/Toast/Whatever??
Monday Afternoon: Visit with Nayla (really this will be more like morning)
Lunch: Gourmet Grilled Cheese, Apples, Salad
Monday Night: Relax

I did this for 2 reasons. 1) I like to be somewhat organized. This allows me to figure out what we are eating and what I need to get for groceries. 2) Brian is natorious for saying "you never told me that??" Some times I really do forget to tell him stuff but most of the time I have the same conversation with him twice.

Silly things I like to do... really this is bordering more on crazy but you get my drift!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Peanut Butter World

Some times I dream about what I would do if I won the lottery. Yes the obvious has popped in to my head, vacation, new car/home, quit my job… all of those things but what if you really did win the lottery and could do anything you loved. What would it be?
Would you purchase your own Tim Hortons and serve all of your friends free coffee, or even randomly buy coffee for strangers just to make there day?
Would you travel around the world to see different cultures and scenery?
Would you buy a new car and drive it with the top down on beautiful days?
Would you learn a new language or go back to school and start a new career?
With all of these options I sometimes dream that I would be a stay at home mom with 5 kids… but then I realized I would actually have to raise those kids and birth them… not something my body or mentally I think I can do.

If I won the lottery I would open a restaurant/diner. It would be called All Nuts Allowed. There would be a sign on the front door that would say “If you have a nut allergy then I would suggest you take 2 steps back because this place is not for you.” Every single item on the menu would have peanut butter incorporate in some way. This is how much I LOVE peanut butter.

Our featured item would be - Burgers with Peanut Butter (placed under the patty so it melts and gets all warm and delicious) This is honestly something we eat regularly here at the Smith house. Once you have tried it then you can comment:) If are are a peanut butter lover - All I can say is YOU'RE WELCOME!!!

I could go with out chocolate, candy and even BEER... but take away my peanut butter and I will be one grumpy girl.

Bring on the winning lottery numbers Momma's got a restaurant to open..... really I should just start with buying a ticket :)

The scariest number I know……


I feel like if I put things out to the universe and there are no secrets I will feel lighter as a person. This will make me a better daughter, friend, mother, wife, etc. To me there are only really a couple of scary things in my world.
1) Walking over grates… I really hate them- this plays in to my whole fear of heights.
2) Jean shopping – I’m 6 feet tall and really there are no regular stores that carry jeans in my length and size. (To all of you short people out there – At least you can hem your pants.. .I can’t make mine longer.)
3) Reading out loud – Steams from my childhood and getting made fun of because I had a hard time pronouncing words.
4) Writing – I know weird since I am blogging. I have the worst grammar and spelling and I don’t want to look stupid. This is me trying to over come that!
My biggest fear of all is not being loved or wanted. This is where that number comes in to play. That number is what the scale said this morning. The more I looked at it the more I hated my self. This is when the judging began – how could I let myself get this way? How would anyone (my husband) ever find me attractive? God I hate those rolls and that spare tire I’m carrying around. My stomach never looked like this before I had a kid… then I thought … I should really shave my legs… lol I went through all of these scenarios and realized the people that love me don’t even know this number (you do now). They don’t judge me on that number they love me no matter what that scales says. They still think I’m funny at 221 pds as much as I was 180 pds (if they even thought I was funny at all?). They love me, respect me and want to hang out with me even though I have all of this extra “stuff” hanging around. At the end of the day I’m the only one that can change my appearance and really set my self straight.
The older I get the more I realize the less I complain and worry the lighter I feel and be the best me I can be. Even if that me is 221 pds!