Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I did not marry a Nacho, Nacho Man

Everyone has a go to dish. You know the one I'm talking about - that meal that takes little time and cleans out your fridge when you think you have nothing in there.
I have a couple of go to dishes.

1st Scrambled Eggs and Toast.
2nd Spaghetti.
3rd Home made pizza.
4th Perogges.
5th Chicken and rice.

I can honestly eat any one of these meals on any given night. However I use to have another go to meal that use to be on this list. It was Nachos. Growing up we ate alot of chicken and potatoes. But every now and again my Dad (who is the cook in our family) would throw down some tin foil on a cookie sheet and start what can be labeled as "a mountain and goodness". Layers of nacho chips, cheese, peppers, onions, ground beef and more cheese. It is likely one of the most unhealthy meals in my arsenal but it really doesn't matter... my husband does not like nachos.. .so guess who doesn't get to eat Nachos very often. ME!!!

I started this blog for many reason one was to share what we eat as a family but also to find out what other people eat. I would love to hear what your go to meal is so that maybe I can increase my repertoire.


  1. LOL - I got the Nacho man! My go to meals would be chicken quesadillas - sooo easy, spaghetti, BLT's & fries, baked chicken and spicy potatoes, pita pizzas...and more recently my son has decided he LOVES stirfry, so those are getting more popular here!

  2. Ah Keri you come by Rob and Jax and I love Nacho that is what we will have next time your over for dinner..
    You and I talk about this all the time but my go to's include Frozen Pizza, Homemade mac N cheese, BBQ anything and Fajita's (now wraps after this weekend)..