Saturday, May 28, 2011

My bladder ain't what it use to be....

I find myself talking lot about before kids (bk).
- bk there were mornings we could sleep in
- bk I had a flatter stomach
- bk I could be out the door (shower & breakfast included) in 20 mins
- bk we would stay up all night "talking"
- bk I had a "fish" crumb free car
- bk our house was much quieter and cleaner

Before kids I could hold my bladder (not much better but better). We owned a trampoline growing up and had many a fun nights jumping and flipping around. We use to stick the sprinkler under the trampoline and jump in the water on a hot day. When I got older if someone would get me laughing on the trampoline I was a goner. I've peed myself more then once on that old death trap. Sorry if that trampoline was a memory for you... I might have just ruined it??

This week at work we had to set up a VERY safe trampoline in our warehouse (for a toy show coming up) I thought to my self - that looks like it would be fun, it would bring me back to my child hood. I decided to be brave and give it a go. Well let's just say I'm not 17 any more BUT I was pretty impressed that I still had it :) Except I forgot one small detail - I've had a kid since the last time I was on a trampoline. For any Mom's out there that can relate to this story let's just say I barely got out in time. Could have been MUCH worse.

Then last night I went to the movies with my sister and Maloley. We decided to see Bridesmaid. I have heard great things about this movie and was excited to check it out. We had to stand in a line because the first show was sold out ;( This was the only option, my premeditated kid free time was not going to be wasted. I drank a lot of Pop while waiting in line and thought I should really go to the bathroom??!! Guess who didn't -- ME! The movie starts and I am already laughing really hard... I'm thinking to myself I should really try to go to the washroom now... oh wait this part is funny... how about now???.. oh this part is so sweet... how about now??... ohhhhhh no!!! This is not good... I'm laughing so hard I had to cross my legs, shift myself in my chair and pray to the bladder gods that some where down there a muscle still works. I did NOT wet my self but I can honestly say the next time I watch that movie I might just have to where depends (or stop and go to the bathroom??)

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  1. Yep - I've peed myself on a trampoline. Good times I tell you! I think my bladder is about the size of a plum, or maybe a very large grape. Glad to know I am not alone!