Thursday, May 19, 2011

Peanut Butter World

Some times I dream about what I would do if I won the lottery. Yes the obvious has popped in to my head, vacation, new car/home, quit my job… all of those things but what if you really did win the lottery and could do anything you loved. What would it be?
Would you purchase your own Tim Hortons and serve all of your friends free coffee, or even randomly buy coffee for strangers just to make there day?
Would you travel around the world to see different cultures and scenery?
Would you buy a new car and drive it with the top down on beautiful days?
Would you learn a new language or go back to school and start a new career?
With all of these options I sometimes dream that I would be a stay at home mom with 5 kids… but then I realized I would actually have to raise those kids and birth them… not something my body or mentally I think I can do.

If I won the lottery I would open a restaurant/diner. It would be called All Nuts Allowed. There would be a sign on the front door that would say “If you have a nut allergy then I would suggest you take 2 steps back because this place is not for you.” Every single item on the menu would have peanut butter incorporate in some way. This is how much I LOVE peanut butter.

Our featured item would be - Burgers with Peanut Butter (placed under the patty so it melts and gets all warm and delicious) This is honestly something we eat regularly here at the Smith house. Once you have tried it then you can comment:) If are are a peanut butter lover - All I can say is YOU'RE WELCOME!!!

I could go with out chocolate, candy and even BEER... but take away my peanut butter and I will be one grumpy girl.

Bring on the winning lottery numbers Momma's got a restaurant to open..... really I should just start with buying a ticket :)

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