Monday, May 23, 2011

Let's work it out...

I have so many comments about gym memberships that I could talk about them all day. To save you all I have summarized them for you.
1) Woman who wear sport bras only. I found a shirt that fit me so put the one on that you brought because this mommy tummy is about to trip you on the treadmill.
2) The RIDICULOUS cost. Really how many times do you actually go to the gym vs. how much you spend. I use to get all excited and buy a full year membership to save on cost and go for only a week or two? WASTE OF MONEY.
3) Classes that NEVER work for my schedule. I have a job and a kid... really 7pm does not fit in my schedule :(
4) TOO many naked woman in the change room - and they are never the fit ones. Really you had to blow dry your hair before you put clothes on? Put your boobs away and cover your crack because I can barely look at my own let alone yours :)
5) MEAT HEADS - Yes! you might be able to bench press me - but if I were to stand behind you and asked you to turn your head to see me I bet you couldn't?
6) too many people in one place judging me... well that's what I tell myself when I walk in.

To conclude my little rant I got a gym membership at a 24hr facility.
1) No mid drifts allowed to be shown ... actual Rule!
2) Still pricy but I can pay month to month with no penalty for canceling.
3) Virtual Studio. You walk up to the Workout ATM (as I like to call it) you pick your work out - I usually chose YOGA and a massive screen drops down and my instructor is right there at the time I want her to be (I like to go after 9pm).
4) Private bathrooms - you get your own shower, sink and toilet in an actual bathroom.
5) The members are average people, I have yet to see one guy sitting on a bench checking himself in the mirror while holding a weight that looks way too heavy for him.
6) During the times that I go there have never been more then 6 people in the gym at a time.

I'm trying to be as diligent as possible with going - I have to make this my life style or I will not be able to live the life I want: healthy, fit and present for my daughter, husband, family and friends.

My journey continues.....

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