Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Playground initiation

This past weekend was beautiful outside. We got to visit with family and friends and put up a new swing set in the backyard. We have yet to mow the backyard so there were still a couple of trips to the BIG park as Lexi likes to call it.

As parents you try and protect our kids the best we can, we pick them up when they fall down. We kiss there boo boo's. We hug them when they are sick BUT sometimes you just have to let them figure it out on there own.

This weekend we learnt that all new kids get to go through an initiation process at our park. Picture this - Dad puts there precious kid into a swing he starts pushing, slowly getting the child in to a good rhythm when out of no where a kidlet comes running across the playground to get the free swing beside him and *smack* the kidlet goes flying. The first time this happened the Mom went rushing over to the kid and was upset at the dad for not being more careful with her precious child. I turned to the dad and said - Playground initiation. Not even 5 mins later a new kid gets to the park starts running towards the swings and *smack* gets hit by the swing... he is slightly surprised but you could tell this kid is a vetern to this parks he was on a mission and wanted the free swing. I turned to see the mom's reaction and she was like - He's still standing so we are good. I knew I was going to like this mom :)

Lexi experienced this for her self. She really wanted to push her friend Nayla on the swing but did not realize that once you push you need to move back.. her pour little arms weren't long enough so she took a step in and *whack* she got a swing in the face. I asked if she was okay and she said - in a low voice.... Mommy (is it) my turn? One of these days she'll get the hang of it.

Every kid has to learn to watch where they are going and know if the swings are a rocking... don't... RUN IN FRONT OF THEM!

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