Monday, November 14, 2011

My Girls PART 5: The Coach

I had to rename this post because I had completely forgotten that she already had a nickname and that "The Coach" better suits her.

Wow -- where do I start????!!!
One of the Funniest people I know... check!
An amazing Mother.... Double check!
A very Loyal friend....check!
BEAUTIFUL..... check!
Inspirational..... check!

I was honoured when Pauline and her husband said yes to being our MC's. There were so many reasons why we chose them but to see them together shows you what a true partnership is all about. They have an amazing relationship and what a better couple to represent us on our wedding day. PLUS they are really fun to be around.

Pauline is full of hilarious stories... most of them involve her doing something insanely funny - it usually means she has done or said something really embarrassing. Most people would hate to re-live it ~ however Pauline will tell you the story and be crying so hard by the end from laughter that she won't be able to finish it. Those are always my favourite. She is also notorious when it comes to needing a little motivational talk. You might think you can't drink another sip, or you are too tired to go somewhere or do something ;) but this girl will make sure you are ready to go with a wave of her finger and some uplifting words.

Humor aside this girl is so caring, compassionate and positive about everything. She would give you the shirt off her back. One of the things I love most about Pauline is you will never catch her saying a bad word about anyone. There is so much love in her heart.

In our life time I think we only ever get to meet a hand full of people that show us how to live an amazing life with so much love, charisma and empathy for others. Pauline you are a true ANGEL on earth. Every weekend/day/minute I get to spend with you is like a little charge of energy for my soul.

I don't get to tell you this very much but I LOVE you from the bottom of my heart. You are so special and I'm so proud to say we are friends.

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