Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lexi's little friend .. dare I say boyfriend?

A couple of weekends ago we hung out with a bunch a good friends and ours and The T's were there.

There little man is so stickin cute that we have already arranged their wedding and P and I have already coordinated what colours we are going to wear.

T1 is a very handsome little man and he and Lexi get along very well. What I mean by that is Lexi likes to tell boys what to do and T1 seems to take direction very well.

After you catch me can you please go tell everyone to start being quiet we are going to bed soon!

"Excuse me ~ May I have your Attention Please!!! EXCUSE ME!!!
Is this thing even on?

Great! now come in side.

"OH T1 you are so funny!"

Let's lay down!

" Holy Smokes Batman.. I think that Girl just had a # 2... I'm out of here!"

"oh Wait... my mom can change me... I'll be good as new in 2 mins."

I can only imagine the amount of pictures we will have to go through to figure out what to put in the wedding slide show.

Happy Tuesday!

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