Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You parent your kid I'll parent mine.

Wednesday Vent:

I'm so worked up over this I'm sorry this might be a little long.
I have been in SEVERAL situations where someone else has felt the need to parent my kid when there kid is being a brat (mostly strangers).

We are very excepting to other families rules, however they may not be our rules that we implement in our house. At our in-laws Alexis bed time is much more flexible then it is at our house. That's okay! They have limited time with her and however they can get her to fall asleep in a bed is fine with us - rocker her for an hour, whatever! Read her 15 books, whatever! Our parents are awesome with Alexis - they spoil her rotten and she loves every minute of it. That's what grandparents are for. This is when we will bent the rules.

When you don't know my kid or think it's okay to interrupt my parenting THIS is when I have a problem.

If your kid is splashing my kid at the pool and you yell at my kid to move - I just might throat punch you.

If you honk your horn at me in the parking lot because my kid lost her shoe while trying to run away and wasn't listening to me and I acknowledge the fact that the shoe is on the ground however I felt the need to teach my child a lesson (don't run around parking lots) don't honk at me again. I got it the first time.. it's just a shoe!

If you think it's okay that your kid yells in a restaurant but when my kids is imitating your kid.. don't give me a dirty look. I didn't pinch her - SHE WAS COPYING YOUR KID!

If I'm playing with my kid and ACCIDENTALLY dislocate her elbow and take her to the hospital (after crying my eyes out and calling telehealth and discussing with the ER doctors that is was clearly an accident) Don't act surprised that they did not call CAS on me. Clearly you don't know me... I'd never do it on purpose??

B and I sometimes disagree on how we should discipline Alexis but at the end of the day we can discuss our goals and actions so that we are on the same page. We live with her and know her personality. Don't think because you are in the same room as her that you get to boss her around. We knew what we signed up for when we got pregnant -we can handle it. Thanks!

My favourite quote I heard on The Mom Show was "I was a much better parent before I had kids." I have to agree with this. BK I would see a child acting up in public and say "when I have kids I will never let my kid do that... fastforward 3 years and here I am. The mom with the kid yelling at her to get down and walk on her own at the grocery store. There are certainly things that I now know and can understand better as a parent then I ever could before I having one of my own.

Happy Hump day!

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