Friday, June 24, 2011

Thong or Grannies???

I've been having this problem lately - I can't decided if I'm a thong girl or a granny panty girl.

See BK I hardly EVER wore full backs. Post child I hardly ever wear thongs (I'm sure B has been lovin' the past two years! ) Lately I have been going to my never fail outfit -- the SUMMER dress. I put on one piece of clothing (on top of under garments) and go. Super simple can't f' it up!! However I have this small itty bitty problem. If I wear a thong and bend over my butt likes to eat my dress. So I end up pulling at the back of my dress all day.

Today I decided to be smarter then my butt. I was going to wear granny panties that way there was no where for my dress to get caught. After about an hour at work I realized that the underwear that I chose are officially the WORST underwear I own. You barely need to move and they just start creeping. Because I'm not really a thong girl any more it takes me a couple of minutes to get use to them when I put them on. Then the rest of the day usually works out but they usually are not my first choice. These stupid things are worst then thongs. I'd rather a small piece of fabric start off where-the-sun-don't- shine verses a whole bunch of fabric that really shouldn't be there in the first place.

I guessing I'm back to square one with this whole issue. I need to find me some SUPER underwear that make everything look right, don't ride and are comfy. This could be worst then jean shopping??!!

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