Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where are we going??

Tuesday's Vent:

My husband might kill me but this erked me this weekend.
We have been together for 4 (crazy) blissful years. We were married 2 years ago this September and have a beautiful baby girl.

I have the best life. I don't worry about alot of stuff because B takes care of it all. He is super supportive hardly ever complains (really!!) and loves his family more then anything. There are a couple of things that erk me about B (if I want to stay married I will keep those to my self... lol) but this weekend I found my self very frustrated - for something so ridiculous that I had to tell myself to cool down you are being CRAZY!

My hometown is London. We drive in together atleast once every 2 months. I usually drive. I take the exact same route EVERY single time we go. I like to take the "short cut" that does have a few more turns but it avoids going through 800 lights (exaggerating of course). Let me remind you it's been 4 YEARS!!!!

B drove this weekend, so when we got in to London I thought I'll just go with it and see what way he will take us to my parents house. He asked me if he should turn left... I said "take which ever way you know!" I was being a bit of a witch but I was curious, would he take my way or the long way? Really there is nothing wrong with the long way but for some reason it erked me when he chose to take it.

YES I'm being stupid and there is nothing wrong with him for doing it I just felt like "what are you doing EVERY single time I'm driving?" I then went in to the "he obviously doesn't care about me if he can't even get to me parents house?" - at this point I had to calm myself down and I decided to ask him why he always goes this way? B's response "It takes less turns and really only adds on less then 10mins to the drive - does it matter which way I take?"I guess not???!!

For some reason it still erks me??!! Nothing wrong with B - it's clearly my crazy issue!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Dear B-Dog
    I have drive a thousand times to this said house , and too cant not for the life of me figure out that maze that KL takes that is the "short" cut. Some how when I take that way I end up downtown.... I too take the "long"way as it avoids me having to turn around on Richmond Row and come back to the West end.

    Bye B.. Have a great day being a Scientist..
    xoxo Nicole