Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bra Pocket

I can’t be the only one???

Last night I went out for drinks with friends. I got my self all dressed up (aka put makeup on) and went to leave the house and decided I did not want to change my purse over (I was wearing black shoes and a black belt- my purse was brown) enough said!! I decided I would take my credit card, id and my phone with me. I was wearing a dress that had no pockets, what would you do??? Well I did what I sometimes do when my hands are full - I stuck it in my bra. To be honest, if I hadn’t pulled out my credit car to pay, no one would have known it was there.

I have been very fortunate to have been (cursed) blessed with a large chest. I use to try and hide them as a teen, used them for evil (aka get what I want) in my twenties and they had a whole new meaning when Alexis was born. These days I never seem to have enough hands to hold my keys, purse, grocery bags, blankies, kid and the list goes on. That’s why I now use my bra as a pocket (not for blankets or grocery bags or my kid for that matter) but I can fit my cell phone, keys and credit cards all in one side. Thinking about it now I wish I could fit more like a spare diaper or my wallet. I could be hands free. If I had shorts or pants on I would use the pockets in them instead of my bra but it really is convenient.

Dragon’s Den here I come… I’m going to start marketing the Bra Pocket.


  1. Great idea! I've used my bra a few times...and stuck cash in my shoe too! You could invest in a bright orange fanny pack! hehehe

  2. I do this all the the time, I call it my Breat Pocket. I was at an event at City Hall in Toronto and my phone went off, and I clutched my breast to silence it, but the overall effect was a little over the top. So I leaned over to one of the higher level Ontario Tourism execs and said, sorry, it's my breast pocket, I have to answer my phone.