Monday, June 27, 2011

Parental Parking Spots

This week I'm going to talk about things that "erck" me. Not so much wanting to complain but to see if you feel the same way? Or if you have any advise?

Mondays' Vent:
This weekend I took Lexi to Walmart on Saturday morning to A) Give Brian the opportunity to sleep in (WIFE of the year :) and B) pick up some much needed groceries.

When I get in the parking lot it was packed. There was a free spot for "parents with young kids" so I decide to take it. I get out of the car and go around to get Lexi and realize maybe I should grab a cart first and then I don't run in to the whole.... "no mommy I want to walk" fight! I look around for the "Grocery Cart Hut" and it's 10 cars away??!! This is my comment - what is more important to you as a parent - the fact that your parking spot is slightly closer to the front door or that you park close to the "hut" so you don't have to leave your kid in the car while you run your cart back after putting all of the groceries in the car?

1) I like the fact that they give new moms/expecting mom's the first couple of spots to park. However I think they should move the "Shopping Cart Hut" closer too!

2) At what stage are you no longer allowed using these "Parents with young kids" parking spots?

3) IF you are without your children or have no kids.... don't even think about parking in that spot. (or the handicap spot either.... I will find you and cuse you out !! Don't mess with me.)

My favourite grocery store for parking is Sobeys. They some how have figured this shit out. The parent parking is one of the closer spots to the door. The "hut" is roughly 3 cars away from the parent spot and there NEW shopping carts are super kid friendly (aka easy to do up the buckles). Now if they could just get there prices down I would be going to them all the time.

This could just be me but I feel better getting it off my chest!

Happy Monday Everyone!!

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