Friday, June 17, 2011

Pretty Woman

I was channeling my inner Julia yesterday.
We have a wedding coming up next weekend and I really wanted to find a new dress. I would have taken a hand-me-down but none of my girlfriends are my size?? (note to self: lose weight so you can borrow more dresses- you will need to shrink a bit too in-order to do this).

I went to a Mall here in Burlington and decided to scope out the "expensive" store because I wanted a dress that would last me a long time. I walked in to the store and Skinny Bitch - is what I will now refer to her as - asked me if I needed help. I said yes! I told her about this wedding and what I wanted and she looked me up and down and said our sizes only go to 16??!! I was slightly shocked ... I looked her up and down and said "Perfect that is my size." I was then in one of those I'm going to fit in to one of these dresses just to prove her wrong. After trying on 3 dresses - Which all made me look like a box, Skinny Bitch told me I should be shopping at Laura (they have a PLUS section). I must have looked like I was catching flies my mouth was wide open. I walked my butt right over to Laura's. This store definitely does not need my business

I will say this, the ladies at Laura's were super helpful. When the sales lady approached me and asked if I didn't help I told her "absolutely", we will likely be on a first name basis by the end of this and Sandy was a gem. Ironically when I went in looking I knew I wanted a dress that looked like something you would wear at a Kentucky Derby (straight out of Pretty woman). I found something perfect for the wedding.

I have figured out there needs to be a store for in-between sizes. I don't fit in to 14, 16 in a regular store and 18 are usually too big. But at the plus stores 14 (the size they start at) is sometimes too small? Damn you boobs. You might be nice to look at but you are seriously hard to dress.

After purchasing my dress I wanted to so badly to walk in to the expensive store and say to Skinny Bitch (while holding up my bag) BIG mistake, HUGE - Alright well I'm off to do some more shopping but I didn't.

I still feel that Julia would have been proud of me :)


  1. Ahh I am so in the same boat - too tall for some dresses, too boobular for anything smaller than a 14. Try buying suits, its a nightmare! I actually bought a dress last night at Cleo that isn't too bad.
    Be strong (and don't worry, Skinny Bitch will get hers eventually!).

  2. Julia would have been so proud!!!
    Good for you!! I cannot imagine that "Skinny bitch" talked to you like that.. I don't think I would have dealt with that as well as you did...
    She will get hers one day... imagine being that ignorant?? We should feel sorry for her!
    I'm glad you found something and I'm sure that you will look gorgeous!!