Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Traditions.

In my house as a kid there were lots of crafts. We would make things out of toilet paper rolls and egg cartons and really anything we could get our hands on. I had a fantastic child hood and I'm lucky to have the memories that I have. My mom also use to take us to Lewiscraft in the mall and drop us off for one of there "sessions" and go shopping and come back and pick us up in an hour. We would have crafted some sort of master piece and would be so excited to share it with her. Now that I have a kid I'm really not sure who enjoyed this time more my sister and I or my mom. This was her hour of kid free time and I know how much I enjoy that little peace and quiet during my day. To be honest I'm not even sure if there are Lewiscrafts anymore but this was a very fond memory I had of growing up.

Another fun craft we use to do was at Easter time we would decorate easter eggs. I honestly loved this tradition and was so excited to share it with my family.

How we get the eggs ready - this can be done two ways. Hard boil your eggs or the hard way - poke (with a safety pin) holes on either side of the egg and blow out the insides.

This task is very time consuming so I would recommend if your kids are not old enough to sit for a long period of time to get this part ready first. (My child has a small attention span right now so this was done in advance).

I bought decorating kits from some stores to save me a bit of time figuring out how I would do this with a 20 month older.
One was a "shrink the plastic" over the egg.

The other was tip the eggs in different dies and colour with a wax crayon.

With the left over eggs we made french toast.
Here is my ingredient list.
splash of milk
vanilla extract
almond extract
Thick cut bread (texas toast is my fav)
Mix it all together and you are set.


I will say this I had WAY for fun then Lexi did but I'm super excited to keep this tradition alive in my family.

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