Friday, April 29, 2011

No more drive thru for this girl....

Today marks my last time going through a drive thru... okay wait just a minute - I know what you are saying... YEAH RIGHT!!! - I am a working mom and I know that I will break this rule for time to time so I will set up perimeters for my self.

1) Tim Hortons doesn't count if you are ONLY getting tea.
2) If I choose to get a salad over a burger then it is OK
3) If there are other people in the car that want to go through the drive thru and I'm in the car it is OK but I'm only allowed buying something that is healthy. (and french fries are not considered healthy)
4) If my child is screaming her head off and the only way to get her to be quiet is to get her a grill cheese with apples and a chocolate milk then it is ok.

Honestly I have a problem that every time I drive passed a McDonalds I have to talk my self out of going thru the drive thru even though I'm not hungry. My bank account will thank me and so will my waste line. Mr. McDonalds will not be thanking me but I think he is doing ok without one less customer??!!

Good bye to all of my friends in the drive thru it's been fun!

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  1. hey friend love the new look of the page.. and I want to play.. i feel like i just keep coping you but i want to try this..
    does a bagel count at tims???