Friday, April 29, 2011

Why am I not addicted yet???

I'm trying everything I can to be addicted but for some reason my mind keeps talking my body out of it. I'm talking about running.

10 weeks ago I started a Learn to Run at a local Running Room - my intensions were 2 fold. 1) I wanted a night out of the house. One night where I did not have to put the little one to bed, or worry about what my house looked like - really I wanted me time. 2) Running in a race is on my bucket list. (I'll tell you about that another time.) This would be my way to cross it off. Truth be told I really wanted to see if I could be one of those people that I envied on Saturday morning running around my neighborhood looking all healthy and fit.

I started this process with a negative out look because I hated running sports when I grew up. Here is a list of sports that I participated in as a kid. Volleyball (no running here – just jumping and falling – two things I do very well), skating (all gliding no running) and Baseball. I played competitive baseball for 13 years and I can honestly tell you there is not much running. My dad use to yell at me to take the piano off my back when I would run around the bases (he was the coach!) Now picture this – 6 foot tall 16 year old… what do you think most people asked me??? Do you play Basketball? Yell no! There is WAY too much running. I got bribed by a basketball coach one year in high school because she wanted me on the team. I wanted to be apart of the Athletic Club. She was the organizer. She said I could be a part of the club if I played on her basketball team. My job was to stand under the net and catch the ball. You may be thinking to your self easy enough. Nope there was WAY too much running. This is the ONE and only time I ever played basketball.

Fast forward to my 30’s. I decided this was my year to try new things, cross a couple of items off my bucket list and at the end of the day have fun. I always wanted to be a runner. How hard can this be?? The first couple of times I was AWESOME. It was hard but I had a goal – run a 5 km race in 10 weeks – I can do it!! At least that is what I told my legs every time they would get tired. I find running a mental sport. What I learnt is that your body can physically do it it’s just a matter of convincing your brain. My brain and I got in to a lot of fight over the last 10 weeks but I am happy to report I ran my first 5km race. Normally I would say this will be my ONE and only 5 km race, but I am way too competitive for my own good. When someone throws me a challenge I just have to do it. Thanks to the Gundry’s I’ll be running my second 5km at some point this summer.

You might just see me running around my neighborhood- You’ll know it’s me when you see a woman flailing her arm and yelling at her legs.

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